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25th-Aug-2006 05:42 pm - To everyone.
This... is very essential in life.


Belated 'Happy Birthday' to KiBum and YehSung-hyung! ^o^/

Sorry for the late greeting. x___x
3rd-Aug-2006 08:12 pm - HARRR~~
I watched The Pirates of the Carribean.

I liked it better than the first one.

Sorry for not inviting anyone to tag along.

Anyone want to watch it? I don't mind seeing it again. 8D

Some Choco Pie for everyone!!
(One box is mine. The other box of 12 is for the rest of you guys. 8D)

[[ SPAM: synthetic__star needs 9 SuJu and 2 DBSG members. x_x So far, the only SuJu muses there are EeTeuk, KangIn, DongHae, & KiBum. In DBSG, they only have YunHo, Xiah, & Max... Anyways, sorry 'bout this post. Just really needed to get this out. x_x ]]
29th-Jul-2006 05:03 pm - ...
We should have a beer party.
22nd-Jul-2006 12:33 pm - ...........................
I thought summertime was supposed to be happy time... x__x

Oh, but someone has finally decided to come out... 8D

19th-Jul-2006 02:10 pm - Guess what?
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.

25th-Jun-2006 07:37 am - ;o;


I think I'm gunna dye~

I want to go back to China and become a monk! x_x

Or go to Japan and sell crabsticks!!

I want to get out of here~~~ x________x

Anyone wanna watch The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift with me? 8D
21st-Jun-2006 09:24 pm - *woot*
Happy birthday, RyeoWooksshi!! 8D

Here's something for you!Collapse )
18th-Jun-2006 08:54 pm(no subject)
I'm okay now. 8D

...Collapse )
11th-Jun-2006 01:38 am - ARGH.
I don't want to know why this song is stuck in my head.Collapse )
8th-Jun-2006 07:15 pm - shit.
i've become the kind of person i've been afraid of turning into all this time... x_x
as it turns out, it's the things that one cannot understand that force you to become something you despise.


thanks for the comments on the previous post, guys.

unfortunately, i'm still overcome by a somewhat inconspicuous aggravation, and i'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with me.

when i finally have a clue, i'll let you guys know.

but for now, i have no pointless flash movies, no ice cream, not even a random non-sense post.
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